Yo ❤ Mexico

November 4, 2012,  Mexico (Day of the Dead Pics here)

Dear Mia,

I love that we do not see each other for 7 years, and pick up a bottle of tequila (or Kinky Vodka) and cultivate new moments like no time has passed!  You are such a special lady!  I enjoyed spending time with you as Mama Mia and making experiences with your two BEAUTIFUL daughters, the Diva and the Comedienne.  I also enjoyed spending time with you as Mia the Divina.  The Luchas, the alabriches in DF, the pyramid Monte Aleban, and traveling down to Oaxaca with you & your brother Taco Dean overland (you are such a good driver!)  The scenery was stunning, the landscapes that we saw changing around every mountain bend– the dense pine forests, the prickly stubbly cactus moonscape heading down to the fields of marigolds being harvested…Diego Rivera scenery to the fullest!  Love you amiga!

And then there were the tequila fueled moments, that we will keep to ourselves…(especially the Cantina with the Sureños).
un abrazo fuerte,