Buenos Aires

November 29th- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear Jessica,

shadowWell, THIS is interesting!  Dreams of a lovely picturesque stay in the “Paris of South America” in the summertime with a terrace overlooking the parks and cafes….um, yeah no.  WTF?!  Now we have both been to Paris, and comparatively, Buenos Aires is NO Paris.  Not even close. Maybe it was a few decades ago, maybe even bustling 5-10 years ago…but in short.  Buenos Aires is going through really, REALLY hard times!  Even the French man we met, who was here a few years ago said upon his return, “This city has changed in just a few years, and not in the good way….rubbish is everywhere, people are grumpy, and it is very expensive now.”  Agreed.  But this is all part of the travel experience.  Countries are not static and they change and it is my experience that certain moments in time + place = understanding that slice of the world better. 

Apparently, the last five years has been really tough on the Porteños here…inflation rising so fast, no one but the wealthy can manage.  Since when does a beer outside of Paris cost $10usd?  A loaf of crap wonderbread for $5?  Bus rides to the countryside for $200usd?  Holy inflation Batman!  How does the average Argentinians manage?  Talking to the locals, they are besides themselves with how outrageously overpriced everything is….and judging by the million protests we have seen in the 3 weeks we have been here…the country is not fairing well.   Did i already say the rich are doing fine?  And the great divide of have-and have-nots again rears its ugly face.

Now, the Street Art here is amazing.  There is an abundance of free & creative expression on the streets.  Ain’t got no canvas?  Use a wall.  Want to spice up your streets?  Paint the walls.  Want to mock politics?  Paint the walls.  These walls have been a delight to view.

Time for you to go back to the great white north, time for me to go to the great white south.

humbled and crying for you a little bit Argentina,