Where’s There’s Two, There’s…

13th May 2013 , SAN FRANCISCO!!!

Dear Mia my Love,

Who woulda thunk that we would see each other THREE times this year?! (omgomgomg!) First two in Meh-hee-ko, and now in my hood SF!  So glad you had a long weekend and we were able to PLAY.  Yay! “Play!”   We cultivated so many good play moments.  Even sleeping in during a very busy weekend for us was considered a play moment.

It seems that each activity you and I partake in reaches a level of  a “full-experience”.  Picking you up from the airport = full experience.  Driving over the Bay Bridge = full experience.  Dinner with Diva Gabrielle = full experience.  Haight Street, Thai food lunch, GIANTS  game, Hi-Dive bar, driving to Napa, being in Napa, Music festival in Napa = a multitude of shared full experiences.  JANE’S ADDICTION and drooling over Perry and all our commentary?  FULL EXPERIENCE!  The Basement Bar, Berkeley, Ethiopian food with the Diva = OMG!  Seriously, we squeezed a LOT of FUN into our weekend!

How I love you.  How I adore you.  How we can engage in play on the level we do is sacred to me.

In gratitude for my playmate,


One thought on “Where’s There’s Two, There’s…

  1. Sweet friendship indeed! All the good that is FABULOUS creates memories forever.
    Thanks for the VIP treatment. You’re the best.
    See you when I see you. Think of you often.

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