Mendoza and Ruta del Vino

Mendoza & Cafayate, Argentina

January 2013

Dear Amy,

Okay, so did a little drinking….(just a little bit).  Truth is, I hit up as many wineries as I could and put them in my winery spectrum.  Being from right near Napa & Sonoma, I couldn’t help but make a comparison.  The biggest difference being the fact that Mendoza does NOT have any rolling hills.  In fact…it’s darn flat…and it is a desert.  I learned that they pipe in the water they need into the dry Andean region, and pump their grapes up and then crush when the sugars are just right.  No wonder they are able to perfect so many of the wines in this area…everything is measured and filtered and balanced just how they want it.

My favorite wine:  Torrontés.  Of course.

Cheers Ms. Wine Talent!


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