ReUnions are AWESOME!

17 April 2013, Costa Rica & Bocas del Toro Panama

Dear Tonya,

I haven’t seen you in nearly a year, and miss you, our similar time zone and our chats.  A reunion will happen sometime as it does…i have had FOUR amazing reunions in less than a month!  Two planned reunions, one may-be and one full out surprise….all in such a small part of our world!

1.  Sam

Met in Costa Rica 19 years ago, have been best mates ever since.   Reunion in Tamarindo and wow! It isn’t a quaint little town anymore!  Guanacaste, although more crowded, remains a sweet little tropical paradise–especially at Playa Grande.  We met up and hit the beach, ate heaps of good fish, I watched Sammy play the guitar & surf, we chased mot-mots/monkeys & boas, and made sunset ritual happen everyday.  Drank rum.  Good times.

2.  Raz

Met on The Playa at Burning Man only to be reunited on the Playa of Manuel Antonio.  There was only as slight-outside chance that we might meet up, and with a little work–whamo–we had a three day overlap!   Made some art and drank some rum.  Good times and good conversation Raz.

3.  Lukas

Friends for more than 14 years, he’s been in Bocas, Panama for 10 years, and this was the first time I came to his ocean-jungle-farm paradise.  He has turned into a ‘bird nerd’ extraordinaire and is the only extranjero to play on the local baseball team.  Played around in his garden, went on beach trips, streamed in the Giants games, watched dolphins & leather-back turtle momma laying her eggs on the beach…and oh yeah, drank rum.  Good times.

4.  Chris and Amy

Walking a beach in Bocas, and two people start staring at me–you know that stare where you feel all humbled because people recognize you before you recognize them?  Well hello Antarctic friends!  We met on our Polar Expedition 3+ months ago.  Together we swam in nasty big waves, watched the momma leather-back lay eggs & drank rum together.  Good times.

T-Girl–where will OUR reunion be?   You are locked in my heart and can’t wait til we meet up together my sister.  I promise we will drink rum 🙂

love you,


2 thoughts on “ReUnions are AWESOME!

  1. Susi, With a little tear in my eye because this was addressed to me, with a little swelling in my heart because you think so much of me, with a little anticipation of when the ReUnion might be, I sit here and smile.

    Today I need to sort, save or discard four years worth of accumulated ‘stuff’. Some things hold memories, some hold information and others just seemed to have snuck in to the house and made themselves at home. But everything needs to be handled and given a value today. i know you did the same thing a year ago. i can be hopeful that this will lead me to carry less and live more easily and hopefully have more room in my life for things that matter. Look how well it worked for you!

    I don’t know where we might reunite but you are welcome to sit with me on the shore of the Thousand Islands and watch the ocean going ships pass so close you feel you can touch them in the summer. Or you can come sit with me on the shore of Freetown in November and watch the perfect eclipse. Or we can find some random time when fate finds us close enough to reach out to each other and make it happen. Regardless, you are only a phone (skype) call away and the time melts as if we had seen each other yesterday.

    Until ‘tomorrow’…when we reunite. Tonya

    • The shedding is on! packing and unloading; less is more…some of my favorite things! Keep the love things…and love the things you keep, they = heart value. just like our friendship…until then sista!

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