Coming Home!

2 April 2013:  back on the road

And a few months later….


So I tried to go back to the States after traveling through South America.  I was there for four weeks flirting with the idea of staying…  Guess what?  I am not quite done with this walk-about yet!  As soon as I booked my new air ticket to Costa Rica, the butterflies swirled in my belly and a contentment settled in my mind.  My feet started to itch to be back on the road and I exhaled with relief.

Since the few days I have landed, I have seen every sunset, and every moon rise.  The ocean has been warm and the people friendly, my time re-owned.  It just feels good to be on the road.  There is a comfort of traveling that blankets me and surrounds me with a sensation that home for me (right now) is “here”–with “here” being movable, transferable, portable, unfastened.

I was welcomed with the poignant sign above hotel reception, validating my homecoming–a very good ‘sign’ indeed.

grand amor,


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