Pura Vida

8 April 2013 Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Dear Melissa & Katie,

Oh Girls how I miss you both and wish you were here exploring with me!  The heaps of fun we would have together playing with shells on the beaches, and surfing the waves and laughing!  Could use a great dose of the trio laughing!

I have been boa constrictor hunting, yet have only seen a meter-long dead one.  There have been so many sunsets and moon rises to savor…waves to play in and micro-brews to try.  And who doesn’t love watching surfers?

Now let’s talk a bit about the animals…I could just imagine us sitting under the sloth I saw, and watching it for hours!  Slowly eating leaves, pulling them down with her sharp claws on her three toes, and every so gently checking in on her BABY sloth wrapped around her belly.  Yeah, yeah.

Do you know what a Mot-Mot is?  A super colorful bird with a spectacular tail (wish we had tails like that!)  Can we get together and dress up like Mott-Motts?

love and miss you both,


5 thoughts on “Pura Vida

  1. Sorella mia! I miss you Susi! Costa Rica looks amazing! I love your life and I love you! I’m in Italy as I write this! The motherland!! Your vibrant spirit is invoked in all the amazing food here and beautiful faces. Mmmmm…Thinking about your tiramisu. Thanks for the letter. Makes me feel warm inside like I’m lying on a beach in Central America…

  2. Mia Sorella! So glad you are in our Motherland with your mamma to boot! I think Lucy would have loved the beaches around these parts…chasing crabs and critters. Miss you!

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