11 June 2012–Susi’s officially on the Loose!

stepping out

Dear Friends & Family,

Welcome to my travel blog.  My last day of official work was 8th June.  I am now a non-employed citizen of the world (I think I was a world citizen before my job ended).  So, get your spare bedroom and couches ready for me, I may just drop by…and if you have empty apartments around the globe, or friends who do, let me know and we can make a deal…

Overall my scope and sequence is loose.  A woman on the loose, but not a loose woman (well, sort of). Where am I going?  Heading down to South America, destinations unknown. Would like to see the Galapagos, Machu Picchu, and do some fly fishing in Argentina.  Carnival and Antarctica are maybes–just too far away to plan.  Trying to keep about 10 months of my time open.  Wide open spaces.  I want to do a lot of walking/hiking too. Forrest Gump, I understand your loooong run….I feel like I need to do a looong walk–void my mind, achieve nothing, detach, calm–just be present in each step.  Ready for the changes my brain & body will make away from the daily grind.

So, welcome to my first post, have a look around, and I will be writing letters to friends and family along the way!



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