Tourette’s and Friends

Buenos Aires Street Life

This post has nothing to do with my destinations and travel, yet has everything to do with friendship.  And, I just want to talk about this.

A local man about 25 years old screams & yells below my apartment, curses & spits… flails his arms and causes such a racket.  I peek down and look outside, just to see wtf is going on…Oh, it’s the blue-shirt man again. Yikes!  I am scared of this man.  “He is on drugs.” this was my initial thought. Not “Is he on drugs?”  Second thought:  Stay away from the crazy man…keep your distance girl, keep it safe.

Then last night, I heard blue-shirt man yelling up a storm and I looked down over my terrace.  The blue-shirt man was sitting with his friends on the curb, just hanging out enjoying the evening time.  Every once in a while, blue-shirt man would throw a screaming fit, and I saw him slap himself a few times…HARD.  His friends didn’t react. Nothing.  Zilcho.  They obviously knew something about blue-shirt man that I didn’t.

Blue-shirt man most likely has Tourette Syndrome.  When put into context of a circle of friends who didn’t care about it…or better yet understood what was going on with the screaming & flailing, it didn’t look that scary to me anymore.  He wasn’t on drugs, and he is not crazy, just has something else going on in his brain.  I was very pleased to see his circle of friends sitting with him and just being mates.  Made me like people more.