The Ice Continent: Antarctica

23 Dec 2012 – 1 January 2013

Bhooooyoooooo (seal song greeting) Farida, Carrie, Caroline, Hege, Joro and Colin (Macaroni),

I am at a loss for words on how to describe the Antarctic Expedition.  Every shade of blue, endless snowy glacial landscapes, penguins darting and escorting us everywhere, fresh fresh fresh air, sounds of minke whales surfacing around the zodiac, and the most beautiful sound for me on the trip:  The seals singing on the ice at Half-Moon Island (my ears are still trying to process that sound–half-dog howl, half-whale, half-alien?)

Antarctica would not have been as spectacular (and I am talking super-duper-fu*king SPECTACULAR!!)  if I had not shared it with such beautiful people.  The laughs and moments on and off of the Ortelius were made so memorable because of all of you! Goes down as the best trip of my life.  Best trip of my life and now my favorite spot on Earth.

The moments on our landings were so playful and fun.  We bundled up and played on glaciers, sled down snowslides, and let the mountain top views take our breath away!  Sharing the warmth in the bridge spotting icebergs & whales, porpoise, seals & penguins, albatross and petrels was the best…who knew the Southern Ocean would bless us with so much wildlife?  And watching Farida sitting in her new North Face super-coat on the bow for hours still sends cold shivers down my spine….Brrr!  Gotta love a New Yorker.

“Penguinos” or “Peingies” now will always have a special spot in my heart as do each of you.  I really enjoyed our “International Breakfast Club” circle of travel friends.

See you on the Road,


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