Vegan Girl

18 July 2014 
Ubud Bali 

Dear Vegan Girl,

We started chatting when you sat next to me in a cute little cafe in Ubud.  You told me you are visiting from Colorado, USA for two weeks in search of matching your actions with your spirituality…and finding ways to balance a ‘sustainable lifestyle’.  I applaud you for taking a step outside of the USA to broaden and to expand your viewpoint.  You told me you have done a lot of traveling for your 27 years and that Europe is good for holidays, yet poor in spiritual harvesting.  I really like that phrase you used:  Spiritual Harvesting.  I like things that can be cultivated.

You were very proud about the way you bumped up your vegetarian lifestyle to vegan. I like how our conversation proceeded.  It really provided valuable insight into you and your choices.  You were so beautiful in spirit and honesty, I would not speak my other thoughts, yet here, I am going to showcase what they were.  I truly think you, Vegan Girl are true to yourself and your actions (almost) meet your own expectations.  Thank you.

S:  Why are you Vegan?

Vegan Girl (VG):  (pause) I love animals.

S:  How long have you been vegan?

VG:  I was vegetarian for 4 years, and now it has been almost 2 years since I have been fully vegan.  No animal anything–not even honey!  I buy products that are not made of leather or animal products for my bags, shoes, belts and all that stuff.

(My thoughts not spoken:  Well, what about that petroleum plastic bag you are carrying?  …looks so disposable)

S:  So, you do zero animal products?   That is amazing!

VG:  Yup…I do not eat or wear any animals!  Nothing with faces!

(awkward silence)

S:  Are you enjoying your time in Bali then?  There are a lot of like minded people here practicing good healthy living practices.

VG:  Oh yes!  I love it here!  The people are great, the choices for eating are easy to manage and organic…. and the shopping is amazing!  I just got this new dress yesterday.  It’s 100% silk and it was so cheap!

(My thoughts not spoken:  Um Vegan Girl….do you know that they have to BOIL live silk worms and MURDER them for the process of making silk?  Factories that make dresses like the one you are wearing are sweat shops, who knows, maybe even children are working in these factories just so you can have a ‘cheap silk dress’?)

S:  Wow.  The colors in the dress really suit you.

VG: The silk is so soft! I also want to also get some silk pants.  I have seen a few people walking around in them and I would love a pair or two!!

(Pucci—just keep your pie hole shut)

wishing you the best vegan girl #ignoranceisbliss,