Stretching the Gams….Patagonia

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Patagonia, Argentine & Chilean sides of the Andes–January 2013

Dear Samuele,

You once noted that all I need to summit a mountain was a cup of coffee in the morning.  Well, here in Patagonia, your words still haunt me because they are TRUE!  Outside of Bariloche and El Bolson, I took many a good walks, up up up in the mountains.  It feels soooo good to stretch out these legs of mine–give them space to move.  Reminds me of hikes in Montana, Colorado, Santa Barbara and other areas with those big UP-hills.  I burned through 15-25 km of trail per day, adding in the 1000-1500 meter + gains on so many of these days.  (feel da burn, feeeeeel da burn!!)

Mostly, like you noted almost 20 years ago, I start with a cup of coffee and set out.  Nibble on some nuts at the summits, sip some water, and head back down (okay, so maybe I take a nap at the summit too).   Go & go, and walk, empty the mind step after step upwards and towards some viewpoint and turn around.  I just love these wide open spaces.

You & I have hiked so many different places, and I can say…you & your Pops would love Patagonia;  there are LONG walks to be had, that challenge both the mind and body.  Here are some snaps from some of the walks…..enjoy!

for the love of the hills,