Tinder Time!

10 January 2014  

Dear Jess,

You were the one to show me the Tinder app and I have been known to meet and date online, and a few weeks back, I signed up.  Although you and I are new acquaintances, what you don’t yet know about me is how I enjoy a human-social-experiments.   I have had some online dating experiments, I mean experiences…and, I like to play differently.  Susi + Tinder, well let’s say this is an interesting play-tool.

Here is what I did:

Boy 1 is a match!  Boy 2 is a match!  Match, match, match!   Wow this is great!  So many matches!  (Get it matches?  Tinder?  har har)  Now what?  How do I go out with these guys?  (All I heard was crickets in the background.)  Since these guys are big chickens on asking me out…perhaps I should set up a meeting place?  Guess it is up to me to set up a ‘DATE’.  Whatever…I can do this.   So I did.

I set up my first Tinder date.
Susi messages:  “Hey Tinder Boy X …want to meet for drinks and chicken wings by the beach?  Meet at 7pm?  There will be a few of us meeting there if you would like to join us?”

Tinder Boy X messages:  “Sounds great!  I will be there.”

Susi messages back:  “Fun! I’ll be wearing a pink shirt and have a white flower pinned on my hat. “

(insert giggle)

–> 7:09 pm at the beach

Boy X face-to-face:  “Hi, nice flower. You must be Susi.”

Me:  “Correct….and let me introduce you:   Boy Y, Boy Z, Boy A, Boy B & Boy C, this is Boy X!”  (I thought it would be fun to meet ALL my Tinder matches at the same time, and have a group date.)  “I already have a drink that Boy B bought me, but I could use some chicken wings….what do you say?”

Boy X Eyes roll a bit and he smiles unsure, then we all giggle.

Why not?  Life should be fun, who wants the same experience over and over?  Needless to say, the guys thought it was mostly hilarious to partake in a Tinder group date.  Although I did not “spark” up with anyone, Boy Y & Boy A decided to travel to the north coast of Bali and check it out together.  Aww…so cute! 🙂

And that is how I roll.

Warmly lit by a tinder fire,

p.s.  for you viewing pleasure:  A Gallery of Tinder FAILS.