Always the 3rd….

cartoon by enzo

Dear Melissa,

The other night I was at a fancy French inspired SF bar to reconnect with SF friends (Absinthe).  The bar was buzzing with City people coming off working hours and ready to celebrate the Happy Hour.  This was my first night out in SF since returning from six years in Asia.

A friend and I went outside to take a picture of our lovely selves, and a couple from the bar asked if we wanted our picture taken (without having to do the arm-stretched-out backwards iPhone snap).  “Of course” we said.  And apparently our iPhones didn’t have the right setting for the sunset lighting, so Boy said, “I have a great Camera App that will work and I will take the picture and email it to you. Easy.”  We said, “Super!”  Well in fact, Girl took the picture, yet seconds later Boy sent it to my email.  Voila!  I had a great little picture of me and my friend in Freaky San Francisco!   Boy, Girl, my friend and I had enjoyed some more Happy Hour giggles in front of the bar before we went back inside to our various spots.

The next day, I sent a quick email to Boy to thank him for the photo (people still use manners ya know?)  Boy wrote back and asked me if I wanted to join he and his girlfriend for a threesome, (as in ménage-a-trois) because Girl had quite the crush.  Well hello Left Field, it is sooo good to see you again!  In short, can I just say HOW NICE IT IS TO BE BACK WITH MY FREAKY PEOPLE?!

I ❤ SF.



2 thoughts on “Always the 3rd….

  1. 555! Hysterical! It’s good to get the offer. A little affirmation that you got mojo on both sides of the fence.

  2. T girl, after 6 years of living in Asia where sex is used as an accessory, it was indeed hysterical to be caught up with the attention. Can’t say I didn’t like it…

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