Burning Man

27th August – 5th September    Black Rock City, Nevada

Dear Kinfolk,

So, my really good mate of 20+ years says, “Burning Man will be really normal for you.  Not so normal for others, but it will feel like you are in your element there…I KNOW!”  Hun?  What does that mean?  (picture links here)

Well, now I think I understand what he meant…if normal for Pucci is interacting with people and creating on the spot experiences, and shooting from the mouth and hip, and spanking people, and just allowing for the spirit of play, then YES!  Burning Man was a very normal experience for me!  People talk about decompressing after the Burn, but for me the Burn was decomp!  I feel very at home with people I have just met, my motto has always been, “People are just your friends you haven’t met yet.” and as much as I tried to meet and play with all 50,000 freakies, I didn’t have enough time.  The new friends I did meet were scrumptiously delightful and delicious and so willing to play.

I love the feeling of kinship between humans without labels of gender, age or sexual preference.  I don’t care.  I do care if you have a sense of wonder and creativity, an essence of kindness and GENUITY (I think I just made that word up).  Basically, I love you for who you are and love you more for your honesty and humility.  Burners, you are amazing kinfolk and it felt so good to be wrapped up in your Playa hugs, because it really meant something.  It means just as much off the Playa with anyone who has never been to BM…because it really is the genuine honest touch that feeds my soul.

I drank deeply from the well that is at Black Rock City, it just feels ‘normal’ and the way it is supposed to in my book.  So to my friend who told me that I would feel at home there…you are so right….so deliciously right.

playa hugs,