Giants Fever!

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Dear Pepe,

There are moments in life that can be experienced to the fullest and I am happy to have cultivated a GIANT moment with you!  My heart is full.

It was Monday, game 7 in the Giants pennant race.  They needed a win for the clinch to send them off to the World Series.  I met you to ‘watch’ the game at a local tavern, but then it happened.  “Miguel, why don’t we jump in the car and head to the park instead of watching here?  We can go outside to the free viewing cages and be there.  BE THERE  for the clinch?”  And it was in this moment, this brief moment of time before you gave a response that magic can happen.  This is one of the places that moments of bliss are cultivated and made meaningful.  When you said, “YEAH let’s go!” with such enthusiasm, we didn’t know if the Giants would clinch, but we did know we would be part of whatever did happen that night.  Away we went….

Spontaneity and the freedom to play seem so undermined in our culture today.  I don’t want to have to plan out every good time.  I want to be able to make space for things to happen.  This year away from work, one of my goals is to help make space for this moments.  They need to be cultivated more in my life, hence the title of the blog.

THANK YOU for being part of the moment with me at the park experiencing THE CLINCH, and the excitement of the ball park and the 45,000 freaky Giants fans there celebrating. Thank you for your sense of play and allowing that experience to flourish.



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