Back East

October 24th, Philly, NJ,  NYC, Brooklyn

Dear Neglected Blog,
What can I say?  I have just been too BUSY having heaps of FUN to post anything in a while.  Did you see that the GIANTS are in the World Series? (I will write a post on that soone).  That is what this year is about.  FUN.  So I feel a little bad for letting 5 weeks slip between blogposts and I hope you feel consoled knowing how much FUN I have been having.

In short, I went to NYC for 2 weeks and saw my cousins in NJ & Philly and then friends Jessica, Jamie, Jamene in New York.  Full throttle was going fo shizzle.  So here are a few pictures (some by me, April and Jessica) to fill in the time from my last post.



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